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Our teams’ expertise covers all types of taxation (corporate income tax, VAT expatriate taxation, personal income tax, social contribution, withholding tax, local taxes) and in addition financial advisory services, transfer pricing, accounting, payroll services, Romanian Governmental funds (state aid) and EU funds.



1. Corporate income tax, income tax for microenterprises, dividend tax, withholding tax, local taxes

  • General tax consultancy services
  • International tax structuring services
  • M&A and tax due diligence
  • DAC 6
  • Permanent establishment analysis
  • Advise and implementation of holding structures
  • Corporate income tax review
  • Quarterly and Annually Corporate income tax compliance
  • Monthly Withholding tax compliance
  • Fiscal inspection simulation
  • Assistance in all phases of tax inspections (in front of tax authorities and Courts)
  • Benefit Test Services – analysis of the supporting documentation in order to sustain the deductibility of the related expenses
  • Analysis of the inventory losses procedure, other losses (e.g. technological)
  • Tax review (identification of tax risks, reasonability check of non-deductible expenses, identification of any available tax incentives, etc.)
  • Fiscal forensic
  • Review of the dividend tax computation and exemptions
  • Review of local tax computation
  • Consolidation for corporate income tax purposes

2. Value added tax

  • Review for assessment of VAT deduction right
  • VAT group implementation
  • VAT refund assistance
  • Assistance in all phases of tax inspections (in front of tax authorities and Courts)
  • VAT optimisation for financial sector, pro-rata implementation
  • VAT adjustment for capital goods
  • Assistance regarding transfer of businesses, M&A and tax due diligence
  • Assistance regarding VAT deductibility concerning intra-group services

3. Salary tax and social security contributions

  • Assistance in all phases of tax inspections
  • Salary tax review
  • Expatriates’ compliance
  • Immigration services
  • Freelancing registration services and compliance assistance
  • Obtaining of fiscal records and assistance for tax clearance
  • Obtaining of A1 Certificates

4. Individual tax compliance

  • Assistance in tax inspections for individuals
  • Assistance in preparation and submission of annual individual tax statements
  • Tax audits for High-Net-Worth Individuals
  • Tax residency analysis and solutions
  • Preparation / submission of arrival / departure in Romania of related questionnaires / tax residency certificates


  • Preparation and/or review of Transfer Pricing files
  • Assistance during tax inspections
  • Preparation of benchmark studies
  • Trainings in transfer pricing field


  • State aid eligibility analysis
  • Analysis and preparation of documentation for obtaining grants (state aid) e.g., for investments of over EUR 1 million, according to GD 807/2014 and for creation of new jobs according to GD 332/2014;
  • European funds


1. Financial due diligence

A. Review of Financial statements

  • Review of the full set of Financial Statements and Management Reports (Balance Sheet, Profit and Loss and Cash Flow) with the aim to identify main financial risks
  • Review of the main revenue and costs drivers of the business
  • Review of the quality of net assets

B. Main financial elements to enhance power of negotiating the transaction price

  • Identifying the main risks/elements that could affect the price of the transaction
  • Recommendations on the approach to include such elements in negotiation of the price

C. Assistance to include financial implications in transaction documentation

  • Review of the transaction documentation to ensure addressing the financial risks identified in due diligence, the transaction price negotiated and any pre and post closing of transaction financial requirements

2. Financial Management

  • Set up of Management Reporting Pack, review of existing Management Reporting Pack, to address the information needs of the Board and Middle management and to align financial objectives across the organization
  • Set up Budget Process, review of existing Budget
  • Process to ensure efficiencies in the process across the organization
  • Set up of the necessary reporting format to measure actual results versus budget
  • Review of the internal procedures and assistance in built up of the necessary procedures across the entity
  • Review of the Treasury function to ensure business has adapted access to the necessary cash flows
  • Temporary CFO function
  • Review of the accounting processes to increase efficiencies

3. Preparation for investors/EXIT

  • Set up or review of the Business Plan to include and validate main business assumptions
  • Set up or review of the existing Management Reporting Pack
  • Assistance with the Company’s financial presentation to investors
  • Preparation of the owners to familiarize with the investment/EXIT process, special terms used, expectations of the investors
  • Pre work with the financial team for the financial due diligence which will be required by the investor
  • Review of the internal procedures to understand the level of compliance with minimum requirements of an investor
  • Review of the level of segregation between the BOARD activities, Management activities and Owners activities

4. Pre-work for independent financial audit

  • Familiarization of the management team and separately, of the financial team, with the usual requirements of a financial audit, from practical points of view
  • Review of the available financial information to identify potential bottlenecks in the process, having in mind what type of information auditors usually require
  • Review of the business drivers (both revenues and costs related) to identify potential adjustments to the financial statements needed to ensure a clear audit opinion on the financial statements
  • Set up of a calendar to ensure resources within the Company are efficiently allocated for the audit process, avoiding delays and additional costs in the audit process
  • Assistance of the financial team to prepare the full set of Financial Statements to be audited

5. Training – finance for non finance

  • Training specially designed for other departments in an organization to establish a common understanding of the financial notions/vocabulary ( marketing, logistics, production, administrative)
  • Integrated financial training, in a Business case role playing exercise, which is meant to put people in functions which they do not normally do, with the aim to understand and use common relevant financial elements
  • Any other special purpose training as required by the organization for example in special parts of budgeting or use of reports, induction for new employees, during mergers or acquisitions processes

6. Special purpose engagements

  • Review of contracts of any sort for implications of financial nature
  • Pre-merger /acquisition review of financial implications
  • Review of costing systems in Production activities
  • Other potential situations where financial implications/risks are to be identified

7. Internal audit function

  • Assist the Company to set up an internal audit function
  • Review of an existing internal audit function with the aim to identify areas for improvements, especially in a company which is growing fast and internal procedures and audit do not move at the same pace to address the needs